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The benefits of using Collect&Go™ smart lockers



No more waiting in long queues for your medicine...


You can choose a smart locker near to you and it's easy to use


Collect & Go™ makes staying healthy easy


Ask your doctor or nurse at your health care facility if you qualify to collect your medicine from a Collect&Go™. If you qualify you will be registered at your clinic to use the Collect&Go™ smart lockers.

The healthcare facility will issue your first two month’s supply of medication and the date for your next medicine collection from the Collect&Go™ smart locker.

When your medicine arrives at the Collect&Go™ smart locker, you will receive an SMS with a One-Time Pin (OTP). You can now go collect your medication from the Collect&Go™ smart locker.

When it’s time for your follow up check-up and a new prescription, you will receive an SMS reminding you to return to your health care facility.

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• Keep your One-Time Pin (OTP) safe.
• Your One-Time Pin expires after you have collected your parcel.
• You will receive a new One-Time Pin for your next collection at the Collect&Go™.
• Always collect your medicines on time so that you do not run out of medicine.
• Should your cell phone number change or you lose your One-Time Pin, please contact the toll-free helpline at:
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Collect & Go™ For Practitioners

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Collect&Go™ For Practitioners

Collect&Go™ supports the public healthcare sector

By being placed at convenient and busy locations, Right ePharmacy’s Collect&Go™ lockers will help improve access to medicine and promote adherence, especially in areas where coverage of healthcare facilities is insufficient.

Collect&Go™ is aligned to key public health policies

It supports the National Department of Health’s last mile dispensing and Central Chronic Medication Dispensing and Distribution (CCMDD) programme and the national adherence strategy.

Important to remember when referring patients:

  • Check that the patient has been clinically stable for at least 12 months.
  • Check that the patient’s condition and medication are within the criteria of patients eligible for CCMDD.
  • Explain how the Collect&Go™ program works.
  • Let the patient choose their nearest Collect&Go™ Pick-up-point.
  • Get patient consent and fill in the form ensuring the patient’s correct cell phone number.
  • Give the patient their FIRST 2 month’s supply of prescription medication.
  • Ensure that the script is collected by the CCMDD service provider for capturing.
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      A One-Time Pin will be sent to you, when your medicine arrives at the Collect&Go™ smart locker.


      Enter the One-Time Pin on the Collect&Go™ touch screen.


      The locker where your medicine is stored will automatically open for you.


      Collect your medicine and close the smart locker door.


      Thula Mkhize (34) is the face of Right ePharmacy’s new Collect & Go™ medicine dispensing programme which has removed the obstacles preventing patients from collecting their monthly medicine.

      Specialists in Last Mile Medicine Dispensing & Distribution

      Johannesburg, South Africa

      Email: info@right-epharmacy.co.za
      Phone: 080 001 4945

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